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Systematic Fertilization Services in Calgary, AB

Everyone knows that fertilizers help plants grow. Fertilizing your tree actually requires quite a bit of technical understanding, experience, and even a little bit of chemistry. For example, certain trees and certain soils will react to one another, resulting in deficiencies of a particular nutrient. Knowing which nutrient and how much to fertilise with can define the lifespan of your tree.

Systematic fertilization is injected directly into the lower trunk of the tree and transported through the cambium. This technique has been proven to have exceptional results for over 35 years in feeding situations where the root zone of the tree is difficult to reach.

In addition, the season of fertilization is vital. Many arborists agree that the best time to fertilize is between April and May, when early wood development is ending, or in the fall when the tree becomes dormant. The reason fertilisation timing is so crucial is that your tree is a large system of leaves, branches, and roots that work in tandem with one another. The larger a tree is, the more majestic and grand it is—but also the more vulnerable to mismanagement as well.

Even the way your arborist applies fertilizer and soil to your tree can make a huge difference. For example, not monitoring the level of soil on your tree could result in choking it of the nutrients it gets from sunlight, water, and fertilizer. There’s a delicate natural balance that your trees depend on.

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