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Stump Grinding Services in Calgary, AB

After a tree is taken down, cut up, and removed, there’s still the problem of stump removal. Digging out the stump of a large, mature tree is impractical due to the amount of labor involved and the large crater left behind. Chemical methods are often ineffective, take a long time, and leave toxic residues in the soil.

Here are some of the reasons why Stump Grinding is vital:

  • Stumps near roads and sidewalks are removed to prevent future damage. The root structure of trees can continue to grow even after the trunk and branches have been removed and this can lead to cracked and broken sidewalks and paved surfaces. The driveway of your home is a likely candidate for this problem unless the stump is removed.
  • Many insects and tree diseases love tree stumps. By having a tree stump you are heightening the risk of the infestations or tree diseases spreading throughout your property.
  • Tree stumps can be a hazard for children. Tree stumps are quite hard and if a child falls onto it instead of grass they could be severely injured. Furthermore, tree stumps are very prone to growing moss and becoming slippery which creates another potential hazard.
  • If left alone it is quite possible that the tree will grow back. Felled trees often sprout saplings on the stump and though it will take quite a while for the tree to grow back completely, it is still counterproductive.

Stump grinding eliminates all of these problems. Grinding the stump down to several inches below the soil line eliminates obstacles to mowing without leaving a large hole. Wood chips from the stump itself, mixed with topsoil, are used to fill in the hole. Over a period of years, the wood chips and subsoil portions of the stump will decompose, leaving your yard looking like the stump was never there.

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