Stone Features Services in Calgary, AB

Stone Features Services in Calgary, AB

Adding a stone landscape can extend a current living space into the outdoors, help with creating a space for outdoor entertaining. Stone features provide a solid base to any landscaping project. Stone landscaping includes landscaping with rocks, patios, retaining walls, walkways and water features.

  • Block walls provide the most formal look in a retaining wall. They are useful for front gardens, creating grade changes, and can be engineered to hold back a large amount of hill. The lack of gaps between the blocks minimizes wash through and rodents.
  • Granite boulders are usually rounder, and come in an array of color tones including gray, cream, red and blue. These walls provide a location for landscaping with trailing plants, which can further soften the wall’s appearance.
  • Limestone walls are a great way to give a more formal appearance without using a pre-made concrete product. Limestone is found throughout the Southern Wisconsin area, and is the natural choice to reflect the surrounding topography of your home.
  • Seating walls can be incorporated into almost any landscape idea. They can be placed around a patio, along the bottom of a grade, or provide a planting area around a tree.

We work closely with our clients to create a custom stone feature and design different from anyone else you know and bring it to life. Your vision is something we turn into reality, and it’s the excitement our clients have when the project is complete that brings so much pleasure to this job. From stone creek beds to outdoor fire pits, we do everything for you. If you have an idea for a stone feature, let us know what it is and we’ll let you know how we can bring it to life.

Our team of professional landscape experts are highly trained, certified, and licensed to do far more than just create beautiful landscape. Our team is capable of installing stone features in any color, shape, size, and design imaginable whether you’re looking to create a beautiful outdoor patio or a brand-new fire pit.

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