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Retaining Wall Landscaping

Bring a unique and decorative flower beds and garden design with retaining walls. Retaining walls are structures that keeps soil from erroding or can be used as a terrace to add levels within your yards and gardens. Ornamental Landscape builds and repairs decorative, innovative and sustainable retaining walls. Read More >>

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Walkway Landscaping

Create the inviting entrance or backyard that reflects the personality of your home or have us build the unique patio where you can relax and enjoy nature. As a professional Calgary interlock contractor, we design and build the proper and sustainable driveway, patio or walkway for your property. Read More >>


Patio Landscaping

Patios are great for outdoor entertaining, dining or recreational activities. A patio is an outdoor extension of your home. Patios can be created with a wide range of materials ranging from bricks, decomposed granites, cobblestones, pebbles, crushed stone, gravel, paving stones, etc. Read More>>

Water Features

Water Features

Fountains, waterfalls and even ponds are some great additions to your landscape. With a water body, you are able to introduce a completely new element to your landscape’s design and improve the value of your property. Running water has a soothing and calming effect and helps to drown out other background noises such as traffic or neighbors. Water gardens can be created in a variety of designs from koi ponds to elegant water falls. Read More>>

Stone Features

Stone Features

Adding a stone landscape can extend a current living space into the outdoors, help with creating a space for outdoor entertaining. Stone features provide a solid base to any landscaping project. Stone landscaping includes landscaping with rocks, patios, retaining walls, walkways and water features. Read More>>


Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is more than just mowing the grass – it is truly knowing the landscape. Newly installed or established, it is important to see the original design intent for each property and emphasize it through horticulturally sound maintenance practices. Read More>>


Landscape Consultation

From creating a new garden to a full landscape overhaul, projects of any size or budget are easily accommodated. We offer an initial consultation, which includes a walk through the site to discuss your project goals and assess your property’s attributes. Read More>>

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