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In forested areas, trees and shrubs thrive on their own in the rich, organic soil that surrounds them. However, in your backyard, they need a boost because the nutrients in your garden are limited. Fallen leaves, twigs, flowers and other natural substances that decompose and nourish the soil are all frequently removed to maintain cleanliness. As a result, the plants in your garden are forced to compete with each other for nutrition.

To ensure your trees and shrubs can withstand this environmental stress and flourish in your yard, it is essential to regularly replenish the soil with fertilizers. Adding fertilizers to the soil will provide your plants with nutrients that are needed to thrive and ensures the ground remains nourished for a long time. So when you feed your plants with high-quality fertilizers, you will notice a big difference to your backyard!

Benefits of fertilization

Proper fertilization will increase the growth of your plants, reduces its susceptibility to diseases and helps reverse the declining health of your trees and shrubs. For sick trees and shrubs, controlled-release fertilizers (granular fertilizers) are specially formulated with more phosphor and less nitrogen for application. This will help them recover, expand their root systems for better anchorage, bloom, bear fruit and produce luxurious foliage. In return, the vitality of your garden will improve the health of your plants and add value to your overall property.

When should you fertilize your trees and shrubs?

If you apply fertilizers during the spring, it will provide essential nutrients over the whole season for your trees and shrubs to blossom and thrive. The timing of fertilization is important because different shrubs and trees have varying nutritional requirements at different times of the year. Also, large trees have higher nutrient needs than smaller ones, so it’s crucial to get them the nourishment they need when they need it.

How do tree and shrub fertilization work?

Fertilizing requires quite a bit of technical understanding, experience, and even a little bit of chemistry to ensure the desired results are achieved. For example, specific trees and soils will react to one another, resulting in deficiencies of a particular nutrient. Knowing which nutrient and how much to fertilize can define the lifespan of your plants.

Similarly, the application of fertilizers must be made systematically to strengthen your trees. Usually, a soil drill is used to apply fertilizer directly to the root zone of trees, or fertilization may be injected directly into the lower trunk of the tree and transported through the cambium. An experienced arborist will be able to determine the best process of fertilization for your garden based on the vitals of your plants and the nutrition level of your soil.

If you’re looking for arborists who specialize in the care of individual trees, reach out to Ornamental Landscape Maintainers Ltd. As ISA Certified arborists in Calgary, AB, we possess extensive knowledge about the needs of varying trees and are trained and equipped to provide care for their growth and survival.

We provide a full range of arborist services including tree removal, tree pruning, and tree planting. We also offer plant health care or preventive maintenance to keep your trees in good health while also reduce any insect, disease, or site problem. We are even experts in landscape transformation and can convert your garden from plain and uninviting to beautiful and useful.

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