Five Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Trees

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Once a tree has matured and established itself, it becomes a valuable commodity in the yard as it is gorgeous to look at, provides shade as well as year-round benefit to wildlife. However, it’s easy to take mature trees for granted as they often grow so well, and provide great beauty and enjoyment, without much help from homeowners.

Unfortunately taking your tree for granted could damage it and lead to a premature death of a tree. To ensure that your trees are healthy, resilient, and will survive for generations, Ornamental Landscape Maintainers Ltd. has put together five tips on how to take care of your trees.

Tip #1: Get the soil tested.

The soil you choose is the food your tree will be eating forever. Without the right soil, the tree may not grow properly. However, the soil you need to buy always depends on which kind of tree you are feeding, but the safe route to go for any tree is an organic soil.

Tip #2: Water your trees as needed.

Your trees need no extra watering in the dormant winter season unless they’ve been recently planted. It’s in the heat of summer or during drought conditions that a tree needs to be well irrigated. It would be best if you give your trees a good soak occasionally, instead of a frequent misting them. Moreover, infrequent, deep watering is the preferred schedule for trees.

Tip #3: Have your trees professionally diagnosed and pruned.

Once you’ve established the roots for a strong adult tree, there is a need for regular maintenance to keep growing successfully. In most cases, a professional arborist needs to be called in. They will come to your home or business and help you with pruning the tree, trimming old branches, and preventing the presence of pests and disease.

Tip #4: Properly fertilize each spring.

The dormant winter season is a great time to prune trees before they push out any new growth in the spring. With much growth expected in spring, it’s best to aid tree growth by supplying with adequate amounts of fertilizers. Following the cold winter, new fertilizer will help restore nutrition and keep the trees healthy.

Tip #5: If trees are planted in the grass lawn, water well around the tree trunk.

With proper care and determination, you can successfully grow grass under a tree. Choosing shade-tolerant grasses is about the only way to ensure the healthy growth of grass under trees. The grass seeds should be sown in early spring or fall and watered daily.

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