How Ornamental Landscape Maintainers Ltd. Helped Revive A Dying Tree

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Gardens and backyards add color and charm to a house or complex. A well-planned garden can enhance the exterior of a home creating a sense of warmth. A creative landscape garden can vastly improve a home's outdoor aesthetic especially if it has a nice balance of trees, plants, bushes, and maybe a fountain or pond.   

At Ornamental Landscape Maintainers Ltd., we specialize in creating or transforming an everyday garden into a beautiful one by using wood, water, and stone while retaining walls and patios, enhancing its appeal by creating an enchanting feeling.

However, when it comes to gardening, as easy as creating or transforming a garden might sound, there are several challenges we encounter. While most of these hurdles can be overcome with ease, understanding why the difficulties arose in the first place help us in providing long-term solutions.

One of the most common problems homeowners talk to us about is how a tree they planted has failed to grow well. More often than not, clients blame the quality of the sapling or claim the soil is not arable, but that isn’t always the case.

Keep reading to learn how we helped a client figure out why their tree wasn’t surviving and thriving.

The Challenge: Understanding why a spruce tree wasn’t growing.

Spruce trees are popular ornamental trees admired for their symmetrical conical shape known for their robust nature and sturdiness. Seeing a spruce that’s not thriving and growing the way it should be, can be a reason for concern. It’s twice as worrying if it is right in the middle of the summer.  

A situation as perplexing as this would definitely call for professional assistance, and that is what one of our clients did. They reached out to us explaining that their spruce tree was wilting instead of blossoming. Not only were the leaves of the spruce tree turning brown, but there seemed to be an issue with the soil as well as there was a patch of wilted grass around the tree.

The client had no idea what to do or how to save their tree, so they contacted us with the hope of finding a resolution.

The Solution: An in-depth investigation.

Upon our arrival, we scrutinized the entire area trying to figure out what the problem might have been. Our first step was to carry out a minute inspection of the prized ornamental spruce tree and study its dying symptoms.

Through our analysis, we found a spiral pattern of browning necrotic tissue from top to bottom of the tree. We also found the patch of wilted grass which was a twenty-foot long trail of dead grass between a black fence and an eight-foot-wide graveled alley. There was also a dead eight-foot Lilac tree.

Based on our findings, we asked the homeowners if they were aware of any spillage of high salt substances in the black alley area. We cited the biblical story of the Jews attempting to return to their homeland, only to find a new conqueror trying to drive them out. The Conqueror tried to do so by sowing salt into the soil to prevent the growth of crops and eradicate the possibility of establishing long-term settlements on the land.

After initially being unable to recollect any spillage, the story helped the client remember that they had dumped salt brine over the fence during the winter.

Based on the inputs of the homeowners, we were able to come up with a solution, and we resolved the issue of the dying spruce tree within approximately forty-five minutes of thorough investigation.

Bottom Line

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