Busted! Don’t Believe These Tree Maintenance Myths

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Busted - Don’t Believe These Tree Maintenance Myths

Landscaping doesn’t just add to the beauty of your home, it also contributes significantly to your well-being and quality of life. It creates an environment around your home that you miss when away on a trip or at the office. Trees play an important role when it comes to landscaping, and taking adequate care of them is important if you want the area around your home to remain a happy place.

However, there are many myths related to the maintenance of trees which affects their growth. To ensure you do not fall prey to these misconceptions and to help you develop a healthy garden, we’ve debunked some most widely spread myths about tree maintenance.

Myth 1: Fall/Winter tree pruning is not the best time to prune trees.

Most people don’t realize that tree pruning is best done in the winter when there are no leaves on the deciduous trees. By pruning in the winter, your trees will experience a burst of new growth when spring rolls around. Try to wait until the coldest part of the season has passed before pruning your trees and don’t worry about sap leaking out of trees.

At Ornamental Landscape Maintainers Ltd., we educate our clients about which seasons are best for certain types of work. We synchronize their maintenance schedule to be spread throughout the year for optimum results and do not stick to working only in the warmer months.

Myth 2: Trees should be watered near the area immediately surrounding the trunk

This is the most widely believed myth. Trees take in most of their water from the drip line. They do not take in most water from the area immediately surrounding the trunk, it’s at the drip line where you should water.

Depending on the tree’s orientation, south or north facing, on a slope or on a plain, extra measures should be taken to water the tree around the drip line by using a “Ross Root Feeder” or a “Slow Soaker Hose” to ensure the applied water is really getting down to the feeder roots of the tree being watered.

Keeping the tree well watered will help the tree fend off stress-related damage caused by desiccation, insects, and diseases related to that species of tree.

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